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Details for this torrent 

Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW
Video > HD - TV shows
350.03 MiB (367028601 Bytes)
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2010-05-18 19:51:58 GMT
twentyforty Trusted

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[ About file ]Name: Breaking.Bad.S03E09.720p.HDTV.H264.mp4Date: 17/05/2010 11:48:32Size: 366,909,305 bytes (349.912 MB)[ Generic infos ]Play duration: 00:46:59 (2818.576666 s)Container type: MP4/MOVMajor brand: Apple AAC audio w/ iTunes info version 0Compatible brands: ISO Base Media, JVT AVCCreation time: 16/05/2010 09:48:02 UTCModification time: 16/05/2010 09:48:02 UTCNumber of streams: 2Type of stream nr. 1: audio (AAC Low complexity) {GPAC ISO Audio Handler}Type of stream nr. 2: video (avc1) {GPAC ISO Video Handler}Audio streams: 1[ Relevant data ]Resolution: 1280 x 720Width: multiple of 32Height: multiple of 16Average DRF: 28.640791Standard deviation: 0.900317Std. dev. weighted mean: 0.872301[ Video track ]Codec: avc1Resolution: 1280 x 720Frame aspect ratio: 16:9 = 1.777777Pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 = 1Display aspect ratio: 16:9 = 1.777777Framerate: 23.976023 fpsNumber of frames: 67568Bitrate: 974.826332 kbps[ Audio track ]Codec: AAC Low complexityBitrate: 64.435234 kbpsChannels: 2Sample rate: 44100 Hz[ About H.264 encoding ]User data: x264User data: core 59User data: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codecUser data: Copyleft 2003-2008User data: //www.videolan.org/x264.htmlUser data: cabac=0User data: ref=3User data: deblock=1:0:0User data: analyse=0x1:0x131User data: me=diaUser data: subme=6User data: brdo=1User data: mixed_ref=1User data: me_range=16User data: chroma_me=1User data: trellis=0User data: 8x8dct=0User data: cqm=0User data: deadzone=21,11User data: chroma_qp_offset=0User data: threads=3User data: nr=0User data: decimate=1User data: mbaff=0User data: bframes=0User data: keyint=250User data: keyint_min=25User data: scenecut=40(pre)User data: rc=2passUser data: bitrate=976User data: ratetol=0.9User data: rceq='blurCplx^(1-qComp)'User data: qcomp=1.00User data: qpmin=10User data: qpmax=51User data: qpstep=4User data: cplxblur=20.0User data: qblur=0.5User data: ip_ratio=1.40User data: aq=2:1.00SPS id: 0  Profile: [email protected]  Num ref frames: 3  Aspect ratio: Square pixels  Chroma format idc: YUV 4:2:0PPS id: 0 (SPS: 0)  Entropy coding type: CAVLC  Weighted prediction: No  Weighted bipred idc: No  8x8dct: NoNumber of frames: 67568Drop/delay frames: 0Corrupted frames: 0P-slices: 67104 ( 99.313 %) #########################B-slices:     0 (  0.000 %)                          I-slices:   464 (  0.687 %)                          SP-slices:     0 (  0.000 %)                          SI-slices:     0 (  0.000 %)                          [ DRF analysis ]Average DRF: 28.640791Standard deviation: 0.900317Max DRF: 34DRF<21:     0 (  0.000 %)                          DRF=21:     1 (  0.001 %)                          DRF=22:     1 (  0.001 %)                          DRF=23:    50 (  0.074 %)                          DRF=24:    41 (  0.061 %)                          DRF=25:   263 (  0.389 %)                          DRF=26:   972 (  1.439 %)                          DRF=27:  3433 (  5.081 %) #                        DRF=28: 22394 ( 33.143 %) ########                 DRF=29: 31688 ( 46.898 %) ############             DRF=30:  8122 ( 12.020 %) ###                      DRF=31:   525 (  0.777 %)                          DRF=32:    30 (  0.044 %)                          DRF=33:    25 (  0.037 %)                          DRF=34:    23 (  0.034 %)                          DRF>34:     0 (  0.000 %)                          P-slices average DRF: 28.659319P-slices std. deviation: 0.872016P-slices max DRF: 34I-slices average DRF: 25.961206I-slices std. deviation: 0.913620I-slices max DRF: 30


Hi 20-40,
Thanks, as always, for your excellent work and the effort you have gone to with this show to provide these excellent quality epsiodes.

I know it is something you do for only a very small audience.

Well my friend, isn't a weird thing that we are alone here. And it has been downloaded by 7624 human beings? Also, I got comment on demonoid (TPB was down then) how "picture is blurred".
LOL... I even have replied "That is mathematically impossible 'cause HDTV was SHARPENED with 3x3 matrix by - 50% (by factor 1.5) and it is ethically impossible to have, made or found anything "sharper" - at 350MB and 1280x720.
I guess - loony tooneys are everywhere.
ethically = technically
Thanks in advance twentyforty, first time I have tried your files, got all previous from eztv, but I am curious to see if these look better, going by the nfo they should, keep up the good work.
@Orchonic: Sorry to inform you - but EVERY single thing you've claimed is - LIE. If you need exact expansion of the word "lie" - look at Merriam-Webster, it's free and on-line.
Just wanted to add that these are truly the best 350mb episodes out there,they are not pixcelated on my screen Orchonic !
Cheers again twentyforty
He's right this is a 350mb file, a 720p one would be about 1.09gb. The original feed could not have been HD (whether or not your file is 1280x720 or not) it's a sham.

Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW

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